Ozzy Osbourne - RESCHEDULED - Judas Priest

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Starts at: 2022.03.07, 19:30


Name: Ozzy Osbourne

"Godfather of Heavy Metal," "Prince of Darkness," "Corrupter of Youth," "Ozzy"; whatever you'd like to call him, Ozzy Osbourne has been a driving force in the world of metal for over forty years. His career as a solo artist has gained him almost as much popularity as his pioneering tenure in Black Sabbath. While biting the heads off of a dove and bat hasn't won him any fans at PETA, his antics on tour dates and off have created an image of what a true metal king looks like. Ozzy is currently wrapping up European tour dates on the 2011 Scream World Tour and has hinted at the possibility of a follow-up to his hit 2010 album, Scream. Ozzy Osbourne met Geezer Butler in the late 60's and the two played in a band called Rare Breed. When the band broke up, Osbourne posted an ad that was seen by Tony Iommi and Bill Ward, who responded only to find that Ozzy was an old schoolmate of Iommi's whom the guitarist disliked. After reluctantly forming a band, Geezer read a book on the occult and saw a vision of a dark and menacing figure at the end of his bed, he was inspired to write the track "Black Sabbath" with Osbourne. The song essentially created a new genre of lyrical music, as it employed tritones to give it an eerie, dark sound similar to horror movie scores. Black Sabbath released a number of hugely successful, multi-platinum albums including Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and Sabotage. In 1979, amidst conflict within the band, Ozzy Osbourne was fired (under the encouragement of manager Don Arden) for his excessive alcohol and drug use on tour dates. After a month holed up in his hotel room, Arden's eighteen year-old daughter Sharon offered to represent Ozzy as a solo artist. Ozzy Osbourne's first two albums -- Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman -- were both huge commercial and critical successes. The success of the solo project was mired by tragedy when, in the midst of tour dates in 1982, guitarist Randy Rhodes died in a plane crash while performing aerial stunts over the band's tour bus.. Ozzy Osbourne recorded two more hugely successful albums -- Bark at the Moon and The Ultimate Sin -- before discovering what fans call Rhode's greatest replacement, Zakk Wylde. Ozzy's first album with Zakk, No More Tears was a huge success and was followed by the live album, Live and Loud, in 1993. The live album was followed by three more hit solo albums -- Ozzmosis, Down to Earth, and Black Rain -- and Ozzy even reunited with Black Sabbath on tour dates in 1997, before abruptly returning to his solo project. Ozzy Osbourne's latest album is the 2010 record, Scream, which has received outstanding reviews and success. In honor of that success, Ozzy embarked on many Scream World Tour concert dates, which are finishing this summer. The remaining tour dates in 2011 will include stops in nations like Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, and Denmark. The tour will also include concert dates at the Sweden Rock Festival, the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain, and a show with supergroup Hellyeah in Clisson, France. 2011 tour dates will end on August 11 in Denmark, so fans in these nations should check Eventful for tickets immediately.


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Name: Judas Priest

A driving, pounding musical style, studded leather clothes, and twin lead guitars have earned English heavy metal band Judas Priest the title of "Metal Gods." As pioneers of metal throughout the 80s, Judas Priest has released five platinum albums and performed brutal, sold-out tour dates around the world. While the band continues to record, they are currently finishing up 2011 tour dates on their farewell, Epitaph World Tour, leaving fans precious little time to catch Judas Priest's final international concerts. Originally a blues band, Judas Priest gained popularity in its early days for pounding live performances. The band achieved fame with the release of Screaming for Vengeance, which featured the hit single, "You've Got Another Thing Comin'." This was followed by the hit albums Defenders of the Faith and Turbo, as well as an acclaimed tour date at Live Aid. Judas Priest continued to release applauded albums up through their most recent record, Nostradamus. The concept album has been praised by fans and features a much larger, symphonic sound that shows that Judas Priest is still innovating. Even though the ongoing Epitaph World Tour may be their last, Judas Priest is ensuring that these 2011 tour dates will live in the minds of their fans for a lifetime. As of mid-July, Judas Priest is traveling through the UK, Spain, and Germany. On September 10, they will begin their South American/Mexican tour dates before heading to the US on October 12. Judas Priest's final tour date of 2011 will be on December 3, leaving US residents plenty of time to buy tickets.


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