Mobile Phone

Tips To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone

1. Go Sim Only

The biggest single factor affecting the cost of your new mobile deal is whether or not you'll be paying for a new handset as well. It's important to understand that even if you get a contract tariff where the phone itself is 'free' or relatively cheap, in practice you'll end up paying for it – and generally end up paying MORE for it – through the monthly tariff. If you already have a decent handset in good nick, you'll get a far cheaper deal if you opt for a Sim-only plan.

2. Search For The Cheapest Tarrif

Use a price comparison web site to research the best tarrif and switch. If you cant be bothered and especially if you are out of contract then just threaten to switch instead and they should reduce your bills. Most phone companies have entire teams devoted to trying to keep you as a customer so use them !


3. Dont pay for data or text messages you dont need. If you ask your phone comapny will ctually help you to get onto a tarrif that more accurately matches your useage and this can dramaticlaly lower your bills !

4. Stick on 3G

If you dont need 4g then stay on 3g it is much cheaper !

5. Beware of roaming !

Roaming costs are excessive so beware to turn roaming off when you go on holiday or else this could literally costs you hundereds of pounds !