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Money Saving Tips ! Here Are 5 Simple Money Saving Tips Which Show You How To Easily Save £1000 Per Year !

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Save Electricity : How Save Up The First £300 per year !

Here are the top tips which will enable you to save up to £300 per year on your electricity bill. We have put them in order of most important savings first :

Switch your electricity supplier. This is a simplae process, competition and high profits amongst suppliers means that a new supplier will only be too happy to offer you a considerably lower tarrif. Do this every yer to keep on saving !

Threaten to switch. If you cant be bothered to switch supplier just call up your existing supplier and telll them you are leavig them to go to a competitor. They will put your call to a special team who are emplyed to try to keep you as a customer and will offer you a lower tarrif.

Pay a fixed monthly fee by direct debit. Electricity companies like this and you can save £75 per year doing this. Dont worry if the fixed fee is more than you have used, they will simply reimburse you later.

Conserve electricity ! Wash clothes at a lower temperature and wash them at night when the electricity rates are lower, use energy saving lightbulbs and don't leave them on all night !