Broadband and TV

Save Up To £1000 per year on Broadband and TV Package

This may seem like a lot but it's true !  For many of us we are paying over £100 per month on our broadband and television packages which is insane ! Here are some simple tips to make instant and hige savings.

Ditch satellite tv ! If you can bear it, ditch your expensive satelltite tv package altogether. Instead you can rely on amazon prime tv, netflix, and terrrestrial channels as well as a host of way cheaper internet tv solutions. This alone can save you £1000 per year if you are hooked up to an expensive package.

Switch satellite tv provider. Making the switch can bring your bills down by as much as 70% ! So you get the same thing for 70% less. Just takes a simple phone call !

Threaten to Switch : Call up and say you have been offered a package 70% less fro the competition. They will match it ! You can save up to £900 per year with one simple phone call !

Ditch the landline. Lets face it we hardly ever use landlines so why pay for the, There are providers out there who dont demand us to use a landline and you can reduce your broadband bills by £100 per year by doing this.

Switch broadband supplier. You can save £100 per year by doing this on broadband alone.

Switch to a slower interneet speed. Higher speeds cost money and are rarely delivered. Thats right folks in a survey on home internet speeds it was found that in only 10% of cases paying for a higher speed actually resulted in a faster interenet service. Don't pay for something you arent getting ! You can save £100 / year by downgrading your speed.