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Favoto Waterproof Motorcycle Cover XXL190T Motorbike Cover 245cm...

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Favoto Waterproof Motorcycle Cover XXL190T Motorbike Cover 245cm long UV Scratch Bird Droppings Heat-Resistant Outdoor Protection Black 96.5x41x50 inch

Why you need a motorcycle cover?
1.Motorcycle covers will protect your motorcycle from sunshine, sandstorm, leaves and etc. These will damage your motorcycle and will make the appearance looks aged.
2.Motorcycle covers can reduce the deterioration due to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays).
3.Motorcycle covers will greatly reduce the possibility of mischief to your keyhole, seats and etc.

Why to choose Favoto motorcycle cover?
1.High quality material - The motorcycle cover is made of premium quality polyester fabrics; non-abrasive and mildew resistant; it provides overall protection to your motorcycle.
2.Lock-hole design - The motorcycle cover is equipped with 2 lock-holes, anti-theft design. When not in use, you can lock your motorcycle.
3.Night Reflective - The motorcycle cover comes with 3 night reflection stripes. One at the front and the other 2 at both sides. It is easier to find your motorcycle in dark. The bright color also decorates the pure black color.
4.Storage bag - The package includes a storage bag. You can well organize the motorcycle cover with the storage bag. It will not occupy space and keeps the motorcycle cover clean.

What you get?
1.Favoto motorcycle cover
2.Motorcycle storage bag
3.Favoto high standard customer service

More details:
Weight: Approx. 480g/1.05 lbs
Expanding size: Approx.245*105*125cm/96.5x 41 x 50 inch

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